Visualizing the TOGAF Enterprise Continuum with ArchiMate

Complementary On-Demand Webinar 

How to support communication in strategic changes across different disciplines?

In this webinar Bernd Ihnen, consultant at BiZZdesign, explains how to determine the value of Enterprise Architecture. You learn about the most common problems and how to tackle them:

  • Language: The Basis of Successful Strategic Transformations
  • TOGAF Enterprise Continuum to Classify Architectures
  • ArchiMate to Visualize the TOGAF Enterprise Continuum
  • Combine Standards to Support Digital Change

About Bernd

An experienced All-rounder with Business and IT background. His knowledge is based on working experience and studies for Information Systems.

Bernd is working as international consultant and trainer for BiZZdesign. He is based in Hamburg and mainly working in and building up the D.A.CH. market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) focusing enterprise architecture modelling in Enterprise Studio. Bernd is ArchiMate, TOGAF, ITIL and IT4IT certified and has experience from former working experience, studies and working with different BiZZdesign clients in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Bernd is a highly motivated person with a quick perception. His systematic approach leads to high quality results. He takes different perspectives and needs into account to see the big picture and supports the business-it-alignment. Thanks to his working experience he acts very customer-oriented and easily integrates himself into a new environment. In his spare time he likes to do sport, listen to music and improve his Spanish language skills.