Technology Portfolio Management

Organizations small, medium and large use technology to better support their business goals and outcomes. Unless the landscape is managed from a central location, one that tells the story from multiple dimensions, the spend could really get out of hand. This is where TPM comes in.

Join BiZZdesign for a short, high-impact Tech Talk on-demand webinar to learn interesting techniques to gain better insights and make superior decisions.

Tune into the Tech Talk to learn how you can:

  • Understand the importance of managing your portfolios of Technologies from a cost and risk perspective.
  • Identify the strategic shortcomings of outdated or new and requested technologies and how they can impact your entire enterprise.
  • Use HoriZZon EA platforms to efficiently evaluate and assess the health and cost and risk of the existing technology portfolios.

About the Presenter:

Derek Maingot
Solution Architect, BiZZdesign

Derek supports BiZZdesign as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in North America. He is responsible for the research, technical validation, demonstration and product evaluation. Specialties: Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture software platforms and frameworks.

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