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The Bizzdesign Horizzon platform can help you transform your organization by bringing architecture models, business design capabilities and analyses to a broad audience of business stakeholders.

The highly personalized environment:

  • Delivers real-time insights in change projects
  • Facilitates collaboration between business and IT teams
  • Supports strategic alignment to enable a much wider range of stakeholders to gain insights

With visualization, analysis, and collaboration capabilities the enterprise can make smarter decisions faster.



With Bizzdesign Horizzon you can:

  • Analyze potential change scenarios and accelerate digital transformation
  • Design better processes, and assess risk
  • Align strategy with outcomes

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"Using a solution like Horizzon and employing enterprise architecture techniques enabled us to achieve a clear understanding of the most important business services and successfully map out their dependencies across various dimensions of the enterprise – people, processes, technology, place."

Chris Dalby, Head of Operational Excellence, MS Amlin

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