How to Drive Strategy Execution with Capability-Based Planning

Whitepaper: How to Drive Strategy Execution with Capability-Based Planning


Failure to execute strategy is one of the biggest management challenges facing organizations. In fact, up to 90% of organizations do not successfully execute their business strategies (Forbes). 

Effective business strategy needs a clear execution plan. Not just timescales and budgets, but a clear focus on which business capabilities need changing and how they impact performance.

Capabilities define what an organization needs to be able to do to successfully achieve the desired business outcomes. Capabilities are the only concept in the architecture of the business that links together strategy, business model and operating model. 

Capability-Based Planning (CBP) is a powerful tool to ensure alignment of business and IT transformation to business strategy. It provides a shared communication instrument aligning strategy, goals and business priorities to investments.


Download the whitepaper & learn how to:

  • Design your architecture to successfully execute business strategy using Capability-based planning (detailed practical example provided);
  • Support business leaders in making better decisions by aligning strategy, goals and priorities to investments;
  • Become a trusted advisor to the leadership by driving strategic end-to-end business transformation.

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“Having a business capabilities model is good to have in times of stability, slow change. But it is very, very important to have in a time of business transformation. BiZZdesign provided a clear vision of the digital future and roadmap.”

Martijn van Glabbeek, Manager Corporate Quality & Data Management, Alliander

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