A Guide to Boosting Enterprise Agility

Why Does Enterprise Agility Matter?

At BiZZdesign, when we are tasked with improving agility we begin with an assessment. We then map out the results of the assessment onto an Agile Capability Model, which helps organizations to determine their capabilities with respect to enterprise agility.

In this white paper, we will illustrate the improvements that can be carried out at each of our model's 5 levels of maturity:

  • Level 1 - Initial: To become better, organizations should adopt a Think Big, Act Small mentality
  • Level 2 - Project Support: Appoint architecture owners to maintain engineering business requirements
  • Level 3 - Decision Making: Carry out refactoring at an enterprise level, adopt Scrum of Scrums or similar approaches for enterprise-wide coordination
  • Level 4 - Collaboration & Optimization: Periodically evaluate your business model and refactor across the value network
  • Level 5 - Continuous Change: Ensure continuous end-to-end tool integration

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