Enterprise Architecture Transformation Support with Data


Transformational Support with Enterprise Architecture

Connect with the right data with Enterprise Architecture to enable data-driven decision-making. 

Business executives may be looking at you to help drive their digital transformation decision-making. Their top concerns may be how to move from operational to transformational spending, not knowing whether they’re investing in the right change initiatives or how to mitigate the key risks in the enterprise’s portfolios.   

Although your organization may have valuable data that could be useful in decision-making, the chances are that it’s not being leveraged (or not leveraged enough). Instead, this data may be residing in silos, unused. 

Join us for our live webinar with Martin Ibert, Senior Presales Consultant at BiZZdesign, and our in-house data expert. He’ll show how to find and connect the right data to enable data-driven decision-making. Learn how to generate the insights you need to support your executives and play an instrumental role in accelerating change initiatives.  

During this 30-minute webinar, learn how to: 

  • Find and tap into valuable data sources you probably already have 

  • Work with data owners to populate your Enterprise Architecture Views  

  • Integrate with other systems of record to get a single repository for business data, applications, technologies and security   

  • Create impactful visualizations and insights to support your business leaders in making better decisions, faster  

Ask our expert: Don’t miss our live Q&A session!

Martin Ibert Bizzdesign

Martin Ibert
Senior Presales Consultant, BiZZdesign

Martin is a Senior Presales Consultant at BiZZdesign and a regular presenter on TechTalk. He works with customers globally to benefit from BiZZdesign’s API capabilities. Martin is based in Germany and holds a degree in computer science from Technische Universität Berlin.

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