Risk Management with a Collaborative Spin

What does risk mean to your organization? Why should business leaders care about cyber risk? How can you, as an enterprise architect, enable your organization to better understand and manage the evolving risk landscape?

Unless the risk to the organization is managed from a central location, one that tells the story from multiple dimensions, risk can go unmanaged and get really get out of hand. This is where Enterprise Architecture-led Risk Management comes in.

Watch this short, high-impact Tech Talk webinar to learn helpful techniques to gain better visibility into, and make superior decisions about, Risk.

Tune in to the Tech Talk to discover:

  • The role Enterprise Architects should play in enterprise risk management
  • The different risk management frameworks used by Enterprise Architects
  • How to use Capabilities as a means to connect the dots when assessing risk to the enterprise
  • How to use Security Architecture methodologies such as SABSA to develop controls
  • How to ensure alignment, when it comes to risk, between the Business and IT

About the Presenter:

George Pang
Global Director of Pre-Sales, BiZZdesign

George Pang leads the BiZZdesign Pre-Sales team, building and promoting best practices, and serving and supporting Digital Transformation initiatives by leveraging BiZZdesign HoriZZon and Enterprise Studio. He has previously held roles in client services and customer management with BiZZdesign and Orbus Software. He holds a MSc in Finance and Management from Loughborough University and a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

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