Business Process Management within Enterprise Architecture

Business Process Management is about identifying, designing, documenting, measuring and monitoring business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results aligned to an organization's strategic goals.

Join BiZZdesign for a short, high-impact Tech Talk webinar where Harmen van den Berg will demonstrate how you can use BiZZdesign’s HoriZZon platform to capture business processes and how to connect them to other enterprise architecture domains such as applications, technology, business capabilities, and organizational goals and strategy.

Tune into the Tech Talk to learn how you can use the HoriZZon platform to:

  • Overcome the challenges of defining effective, efficient and well designed business processes
  • Implement business process modeling to optimize operations, manage risk and accelerate strategy
  • Design, navigate, maintain, and publish an organization's business process

Join us for our ongoing series of BiZZdesign Tech Talk webinars to learn more, go beyond the theory, and see business process modeling in action.

About the Presenter:

Harmen van den Berg
Co-Founder, BiZZdesign

Dr. Harmen van den Berg is a shareholder and co-founder of BiZZdesign. Harmen studied mathematics at the Utrecht University and did his PhD at Twente University. He was an assistant professor at Twente University, and scientific researcher at Telematica Instituut. At BiZZdesign, Harmen developed methods and techniques for business process engineering and enterprise architecture and applied these as a consultant at various organizations. Harmen was responsible for Enterprise Architecture and training development and is now a senior pre-sales consultant. He has authored several publications on EA and BPM and presented at many EA- and BPM-conferences, like LAC, EAC, EAM, and The Open Group.

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