Integrating Enterprise Data for EA with BiZZdesign's API

Connecting the Dots Between Data Silos

For Enterprise Architects to be able to architect the future of their organization and drive change and digital transformation, they need to be able to gather and connect data from many different silos. However, organizations typically have a very diverse landscape of valuable data, whether that is PPM systems, CMDBs, or other repositories.

Watch this webinar where Martin Ibert will demonstrate how you can use BiZZdesign’s HoriZZon platform with its API capabilities to automate the collection and normalization of these data sources.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Data enrichment: How data can be collected, enriched and stored in the EA repository
  • Architecture automation: How completely new objects can be created (for example, applications that are managed in a CMDB)
  • Illustrated use cases: Examples of integrating data from different sources such as CMDBs, Jira and ServiceNow

Join us for our ongoing series of BiZZdesign Tech Talk webinars to learn more, to go beyond the theory, and see APIs in action.

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About the Presenter:

Martin Ibert
Sr. Pre-Sales Consultant, BiZZdesign

Martin Ibert works with enterprises all over the world to help them understand the capabilities of the BiZZdesign HoriZZon platform, and specifically its API capabilities. In this role, he helps enterprises large and small to understand the diverse data sources they have and then to connect those data sources to develop current and future state enterprise architectures. He previously held senior roles with Blueprint Software, Akana and ASDIS. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Technische Universität Berlin.