Injecting EA in a City’s DNA: The Story of Calgary’s Successful Transformation

On-Demand Webinar 

Local government can be more complex than the largest commercial organizations. A bank might have 4 or 5 lines of business. Calgary, on the other hand, has 35. How do you bring about change? The Leader of Business & Enterprise Architecture of The City, will tell how his team successfully managed to inject themselves & their practice into the DNA of the city; enhancing the quality of local projects & elevating citizens’ experience. Bilal will take you through the changes made in people, process and tools as the City re-envisioned its EA practice, giving insights into results achieved, the lessons learned and what’s next for Bilal and the team

About Bilal Siddiqi


Bilal Siddiqi is the Chief Enterprise Architect with the city of Calgary. He is responsible for supervising the work of the EA team and ensuring that every new technology project that is put forward city-wide is compatible with the business, and the wider landscape and provides value to citizens. Prior to working in a local government setting, Bilal worked for the global banking institution HSBC for 12 years, successfully carrying out projects across the world in New York, Vancouver, and London. Bilal has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Windsor as well as business intelligence and architecture certifications from The Open Group (with whom he collaborated during the development of the TOGAF standard) and Cognos.