Faster, Better Decisions to Unlock Strategic Organizational Value in Your Pandemic Response - Joe Geary, Vice President of Customer Value, BiZZdesign


On-Demand Webinar

In this presentation, Joe Geary, Vice President of Customer Sucess, discusses how to align your EA teams goals to corporate goals and how to generate the most impact and most cost and time effective way - by focussing on rapid transformation and not just documenting current state. This presentation was given as part of BiZZdesigns 2020 Virtual Conference - "Unlocking Organizational Value in the Face of COVID19"

About Joe Geary:


Joe Geary is Vice President of Customer Value at BiZZdesign. His role is to work with our customers and, using his extensive experience, share our perspective and insight as to how they can get the most value, in the shortest amount of time, from their BiZZdesign deployment. 

Prior to this role, Joe was an Enterprise Architect at Ameren with extensive experience working with all levels of business stakeholders as well as all digital areas.   In his role at Ameren Joe applied his extensive knowledge of hardware, software, networking, applications, and platform engineering to deliver business outcomes and proven methodologies, frameworks, and governance to drive change in the organization.