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The Secret for Architects in Driving Digital Transformation

Learn how a design-led approach to architecture ensures success

Transforming business and IT processes across an enterprise is an important step on the road to digital transformation. Simply transforming processes, however, doesn’t automatically lead to success.

In this on-demand webinar Jason Bloomberg, leading IT industry analyst and author, and BiZZdesign’s Nick Reed, discussed how a design-led approach to architecture ensures successful digital transformation initiatives. 

In this webinar, Jason and Nick discuss:

  • How EAs can be most effacing their mission of driving charge and how EA can still accomplish this even if embedded in the IT Organization;

  • How Digital Transformation is more than being about just technology but how EAs can assess and consider the organization wide impact;

  • How EAs can prioritize transformation initiatives and balance the tradeoffs between reliability, velocity and costs;

  • What is the role of the Business Architect in the enterprise and how do they work with the Enterprise Architecture team.  

About the Presenters:

Jason Bloomberg Intellyx

Jason Bloomberg

President and founder of analyst firm, Intellyx, and a leading author, keynote speaker, and globally recognized expert in enterprise technology and digital transformation.

Nick Reed, Bizzdesign

Nick Reed

Chief Strategy Officer at BiZZdesign, responsible for value proposition and strategic partnership development. 

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