Enterprise Architecture

Enabling the Next Generation

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Enterprise Architecture enabling the next generation student experience at the University of Missouri

 The University of Missouri had a challenge. Over time, core business processes for the recruitment and management of students had organically grown and changed to create a complex landscape of processes and IT solutions managed by separate collections of business and IT groups. Each of these groups developed change strategies and transformation projects, in their own way, using their own tools and their own language. The result of this was no common view of the transformation roadmap and dependencies across the organization – and this was inhibiting achieving strategic mandates to minimize operating costs while maximizing consistent student experience across the UM system.  

Join BiZZdesign and Kirk Keller, Chief Enterprise Architect, University of Missouri as he shares the journey the University of Missouri has to transform the people, process and tools used across the University System to align investment and execute to strategy. 

Kirk Keller established the Enterprise Architecture Office at the University of Missouri in 2013 and currently is their Chief Architect.  Kirk brings decades of experience facilitating transformational efforts in Missouri state government and higher education. . Kirk holds certifications in TOGAF and Archimate.