Digital Transformation in Higher Ed

Aligning Technology, Business, and Strategy

There are many similarities in Enterprise Architecture (EA) in Higher Education when compared to EA in the commercial and government space. Commercial organizations think in terms of employees, customers, and products, whereas Higher Education uses terms like faculty, students, and courses. But for many EA activities, while the nouns change, the verbs stay the same. While there are similarities, there are also some nuances as well.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar where you will hear the perspectives from two thought leaders in EA for Higher Education and understand how EA can have the most impact in Higher Education institutions.



Delivering a Seamless Student Experience in the Digital Era with a Capabilities-Led Approach
Ian Anderson, Ellucian

Many higher education institutions will be reviewing their strategies due to the pandemic, and how they can accelerate digital transformation to adapt to the digital era. The process of digital transformation can be overwhelming, but we've got to start somewhere.

In this session, Ian will share how Ellucian is innovating and driving digital transformation in higher education with a capabilities-led framework that aligns technology with strategy.

Discover the key outcomes this capabilities approach aims to deliver, including:

  • Improving the student experience
  • Maximizing student employability
  • Delivering a personalized student journey



Establishing an EA Practice in Higher Education
Kirk Keller, University of Missouri

In many higher education (HE) organizations, IT is seen as a utility, and often departments and faculties are left to their own devices as to what software and technology they use. This can lead to technology sprawl, over-expenditure, and technology debt.

In this session, Kirk will be speaking about:

  • How to establish an Enterprise Architecture practice in higher education
  • Tips for how EA can take a seat around the strategic planning table and move IT to being a differentiator
  • The challenges that both the pandemic and the move to a hybrid model present to higher education


Who should attend:

Enterprise architecture leaders, enterprise architects, change and transformation leaders, and business and strategy leaders, from the higher education sector and beyond

About the Presenters:

Ian Anderson
Enterprise Architect

Ian Anderson has spent almost 30 years working within UK Higher Education (HE) with the majority of this time at Coventry University. Currently, he is at Ellucian, the market-leader in software solutions and services built to power higher education. In 2015, Ian became Chair of the EA Community of Practice and proposed the creation of a UK HE Capability model to both facilitate a starting point for all EA practices and help create a focal linkage point between the 'business' and IT. The model was created and released in March 2018 and is in use in many UK universities today.

Kirk Keller
IT Director - Enterprise Strategy and Architecture
University of Missouri System

Kirk Keller established the Enterprise Architecture Office at the University of Missouri in 2013 and currently is their Chief Architect. Kirk brings decades of experience facilitating transformational efforts in Missouri state government and higher education, and he holds certifications in TOGAF and Archimate.

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