Transforming EA from a “nice to have” to a “must have” at CSL Behring

Complimentary Webinar 


In this session, Mohor (Movi) Banerjee, Head of Enterprise Architecture at CSL Behring, will be sharing the story of her EA team’s transformation from a primarily “academic” group that had limited impact on the business, to a strategic partner within the organization. This is the journey of a team that went from the periphery of the organization towards its center – a key driver of the company’s technology roadmap and intimately involved in developing its digital core. As she takes us through the EA evolution, Movi will highlight the different transformations that took place across three areas: People, Process and Tools.

People: We will see how the company not only expanded the EA team’s capacity, but also how Movi led the upskilling of the team and supported them in becoming the emerging technologies subject matter experts that CSL Behring needed them to be. Additionally, she will also highlight the benefits that were gained by improving the team’s communications and influencing skills, as well as changing their focus on customer experience.

Process: We will learn how the CSL Behring Business Technology group created an impactful Technology Governance mechanism that focused not just on technology and business architecture but also, more importantly, on the enterprise’s underpinning technology strategies. Chaired by the CIO, this council along with the advisory committees, have ensured that new technology standards and strategies (Cloud, RPA, mobility, middleware etc.) are properly defined and communicated. As such, the EA team in collaboration with cross-functional teams, was able to improve the efficacy of all the touch points across the technology lifecycle, including the program/project lifecycle.

Tools: Using BiZZdesign as their platform, we will learn how the EA team created a Storyboarding capability, for the stakeholders. What’s more, we will learn how the team intersected this dashboard with the ability to map the business capabilities and the desired business outcomes to strategic technology roadmaps and the application landscape – moving from static, out of date PowerPoint charts to a live view of the business.

About Mohor (Movi) Banerjee:

Movi Banerjee has nearly 20 years of experience, leading global teams through strategy and execution across various technologies, with an emphasis on Enterprise Information Systems and Digital Solutions for Fortune 100 companies.

In her current role at CSL, Movi heads up the Enterprise Architecture group. Enterprise Architecture supports all key CSL strategic initiatives, in the Business Technology portfolio, in order to empower Technology Innovation, while harmonizing the portfolio. Some examples include Robotics Process Automation, Internet of Things, Workplace of the Future and Cloud computing.


About CSL Behring: CSL Behring is a global biopharmaceutical company that manufactures plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutic products. With over 26,000 employees and operations in 30 countries the company is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and has major manufacturing centers in the US, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.