Business Architecture with ArchiMate

Practical examples of the business-oriented concepts in ArchiMate 

Complementary On-Demand Webinar


Business architecture is a growing discipline. The TOGAF® ecosystem has recently seen the addition of Guides on topics such as business capabilities, and the TOGAF Standard Version 9.2 (a standard of The Open Group) has added useful guidance on business architecture. The BIZBOK® (Business Architecture Body of Knowledge) continues to rise in popularity as well. The ArchiMate® modeling language has also improved its support for business architecture.

ArchiMate® 3.0 (a standard of The Open Group), was released in 2016 and comprises a number of concepts that specifically target this domain. With these concepts, ArchiMate models can be used in various analysis and design techniques for business architecture. This offers business architects a solid basis for their efforts and helps them create a line of sight between strategic decision making and the operational enterprise. 

In this webinar, Marc Lankhorst, who has led the team that developed the standard, will describes the business-oriented concepts in ArchiMate and provide practical examples of their use for business architecture. The presentation will show the use of ArchiMate in techniques such as stakeholder analysis, strategy mapping, capability-based planning, ecosystem modeling, business outcome journey maps, and more. Marc will also give a sneak peek into the next version of the standard, which aims to offer even more support for business architecture.

About Marc Lankhorst

Marc Lankhorst is managing consultant and chief technology evangelist at BiZZdesign. He is responsible for BiZZdesign’s vision, market development, consulting and coaching on digital business design and enterprise architecture, and for spreading the word on the ArchiMate® language for enterprise architecture modeling,  the Open Group standard of which he has managed the development. His expertise and interests range from enterprise and IT architecture and business process management to agile methods, portfolio management and digital business design.

Marc has written numerous scientific and business publications and he is the primary author of two books, “Enterprise Architecture at Work”, which describes the ArchiMate language, and “Agile Service Development”. Marc is a certified TOGAF9 enterprise architect, and holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Twente and a PhD from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.