Risk Awareness Week


Ask yourself and your teams these questions...

  • How do you know you’re spending the right amount on risk management?  
  • How do you know that the risks you’re dealing with now are more important and more impactful than other risks elsewhere in your business?
  • Are your risk treatment activities advancing your business strategy?

We invite business, I.T., operational leaders, and enterprise architecture leaders & their teams - and associated teams - to join the conversation, and discover how risk can be better managed - with an enterprise architecture approach - to connect the dots across your business when it comes to risk.  Check out the agenda below and select which sessions you wish to attend.

Business Strategy, Risk Management and Enterprise Architecture: What's the Connection?



Too often, we see risk managed in silos.  Furthermore, risk is not just a technology issue - it needs to be owned at the business level.

A common challenge with risk is that it involves a lot of technicalities around infrastructure, vulnerabilities, threats, data, etc. - so how do you turn that into a business conversation?  Is your enterprise's current approach to risk really sufficient to capture all the moving parts, and deliver a truly effective strategy that's aligned to your business?

Join to hear how others build business resilience through Enterprise Architecture!


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SELECT YOUR SESSIONS (varies from approx 30-45 mins each)


Monday 14 June

9:00 US CDT | 
15:00 BST  | 16:00 CEST

PANEL - Connecting the Dots: Business, Risk & Enterprise Architecture

What does risk mean to your organization? Why should business leaders care about cyber risk? Let's talk about what's needed to break the language barrier and turn risk from a techie conversation to a business one and enable prioritization based on business priorities.

Our panel will also cover how Enterprise Architecture (EA) plays a key role in connecting the dots – and breaking down silos – to enable executives and leadership teams to see the full picture of risks.

MS AMLIN - Chris Dalby, Operational Excellence Leader

AMEREN - Doug Graham, Data Governance Lead

NOVOZYMES - Claus Møller Jensen, Enterprise Architect

MNEMONIC - Mark Totton, Principal Management Consultant


Tuesday 15 June

9:00 US CDT | 
15:00 BST |  16:00 CEST

WEBINAR - Make Informed Investment Decisions based on Risk

Limited resources and budgets to mitigate evolving risks and threats is a common challenge.  Join us and understand how to future-proof your security investments, how to take more informed security investment decisions – with a tried and tested security architecture framework – and also communicate this in business language.  Learn more in mnemonic's Security Report 2021.

MNEMONIC - Angel Alonso, Team Leader - Governance, 
Risk and Compliance


Wednesday 16 June

9:00 US CDT |
15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST

TECH TALK - Risk Management with a Collaborative Spin

Join us and discover how you can gain value from connecting the dots between risk, strategy, and architecture to deliver real business value through cross-domain collaboration.

BIZZDESIGN - George Pang, Director

Thursday 17 June

9:00 US CDT | 
15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST

WEBINAR - Let's Talk Operational Resilience

If your organization is faced with a disruptive event, will your key business services and processes be back in operation within acceptable impact levels?

Furthermore, incoming regulations will be bringing about change in how businesses think about operational resilience. Here's a timely discussion on how you can use EA techniques to map important business services to identify vulnerabilities and drive changes where it's needed most.


MS AMLIN - Chris Dalby, Operational Excellence Leader


BIZZDESIGN - Matthijs Scholten, Product & Innovation


Friday 18 June

08:00 US CDT | 14:00 BST |15:00 CEST

FIRESIDE CHAT - Automated Security Operations

It's a challenge to keep up with the speed and developments of digital threats in today's complex landscape, isn't it?

Learn about the ASOP consortium – a public-private partnership including KPN, Cisco, TNO, NetDialog, VMware, BIZZdesign, the Municipality of The Hague, the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy and the Province of South Holland – and how this program will enable organizations to automatically and quickly detect and respond to cyberattacks.


TNO - Noura El Ouajdi, Sr. Manager Strategic Tech Ecosystems

TNO - Frank Fransen, Senior Scientist - Cyber Security 


Learn more about TNO


Whether you join one session or several, you’re sure to gain new insights and best practices to share with your teams. All sessions will be available on-demand beginning June 21. Registrants will receive an email with links to view the on-demand sessions.

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More than ever, organizations should focus more on the interconnections between risks and avoid silos. We welcome business leaders, IT leaders, risk leaders, operational leaders - including CIO, CTO, CRO, COO, CISO - enterprise architects, business architects, solution architects, security architects, InfoSec professionals, security governance professionals, risk professionals, operational excellence leads, continuous improvement leads, business continuity and compliance professionals - or if you're part of a wider team that manages risk - join the risk awareness sessions in June.

Connect the dots to Value for Business Leaders & IT Leaders

“…would your CRO or CISO say that Enterprise Architecture is helping me sleep better at night because they’re helping me to identify and mitigate risks?” Shift from technical conversations to a business one to help move your business forward, and discover how EA helps to connect the dots and avoid silos. (Source: BiZZdesign Connect Conference 2021)


Break the Language Barrier with Weekend Language

"Leaders don't fund and don't endorse the things they don't understand." Enterprise architecture is critical to your CEO's ability to grow the business, to your CFO's ability to save money and shed costs, and to your organization's ability to achieve, plan and execute. Here's how a Weekend Language approach can help break those barriers. (Source: BiZZdesign Connect 2021)