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BiZZdesign Connect Conference

Execute change with confidence by design

Learn how to build an enterprise that is ready for the digital age at the BiZZdesign Connect Conference, now available for on-demand viewing.

Whether you're a Change Leader or a Change Enabler, tune in to:

  • Learn how to cope with the business and technical challenges of today
  • Hear from BiZZdesign customers who share how fast business value can be achieved
  • Gain more insight and value out of your environment by learning new methods to increase alignment between architecture and data

Featured Sessions Include:

Weekend Language: Presenting More Stories & Less PowerPoint
Presenter: Andy Craig, Author and International Executive Presentation Coach

How General Dynamics IT (GDIT) Does Architecture
Presenters: Mahesh Kaka, GDIT

Business Architecture: The Power of Process Mapping & Data-Driven Insight
Presenters: Hiba Barwary and Daniel Drahnak, UWM

Business Change Capabilities
Presenter: Joe Geary, BiZZdesign

Business Capability-Based Planning
Presenter: Sven van Dijk, BiZZdesign

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"I believe that all organizations, if they’re serious about implementing change, should start by carefully assessing their change agents. Good people will find a way. They'll bring in the platform that's needed to deliver a journey of change for replacing new standards, process, and tools to increase the impact of EA at the bank."

Jeremy Viner, Technology Team Lead, the Royal Bank of Scotland

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