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Enterprise Architecture with Excel, Visio and Powerpoint - The Recipe for Zero Business Value

Many organizations find it appropriate to start an EA practice with cheap, home grown solutions. Once some value has been achieved, they then (maybe) graduate to a professional fit-for-purpose tool. But this the approach is set up for failure and this paper lists 7 reasons why.


In this whitepaper you'll find:

  • Why homegrown EA tools won't produce any value;
  • 7 strong arguments with practical details of running an enterprise architecture practice;
  • How the right Enterprise Architecture tools enable organizations to plan future effectively, make sound strategic decisions, and foster an adaptive enterprise.

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“We needed something to help us maintain an overview of the organization and, crucially, to guide our next strategic steps.”

Martijn van Glabbeek, Manager Corporate Quality & Data Management, Alliander

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