As If By Magic: The Power of BiZZdesign Scripting

BiZZdesign’s modeling tools offer a range of standard analysis and reporting functions allowing you to retrieve model data, process it, and present the results in various output formats, like color views, label views, tables, or browsing trees.  

We also offer more… 

When you need more detailed or custom analyses, the scripting functionality in BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio gives you the tools to create advanced queries on your models and generate custom-calculated metrics and views. Now, you can present the results in a way that meets all your requirements. 

Join us for our live webinar and learn how to save time, money, and eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks. 

You can use BiZZdesign Scripting to: 

  • Maintain large, complex enterprise models by automating repetitive tasks. 

  • Go beyond the power of embedded Wizards to apply changes throughout the enterprise architecture model. 

  • Create, modify, and populate views, for example, by importing a set of Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) and then automatically creating a set of ArchiMate artifacts. 

  • ... and much more.

About the presenter:

Martin Ibert
Senior Presales Consultant, BiZZdesign

Martin works with customers globally to realize the benefits of BiZZdesign’s platform and, specifically, its API capabilities. He works with organizations, large and small, to understand their diverse data sources and how they connect to develop current and future state enterprise architectures. He has previously held senior roles with Blueprint Software, Akana, and Troux. He holds a degree in computer science from the Technische Universität Berlin.

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