Customer Journey Mapping with Enterprise Studio 

Why Customer Journey Mapping? 

  • Obtain clear insight into the customer’s feelings and general experience 

  • Support key business moments effectively 

  • Quick and effective way to engage and motivate stakeholders with different backgrounds about customer experience issues 

How Does Enterprise Studio Help? 

Customer journey mapping in Enterprise Studio is predicated on the premise that designing customer experience is neither a one-time process nor dependent on a single area of the business. Instead, the platform takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. It makes it possible to look at a customer’s journey and accurately relate the different stages and touchpoints they encounter with the channels involved, as well as the wider organizational landscape. This means users can link cross-channel touchpoints into the business model or further down into architectural models of key areas such as business capabilities, processes, applications and infrastructure. It’s even possible to create customer journey maps for specific personas, thus increasing the likelihood of identifying and exploiting critical business moments in order to improve the customer experience.  By providing the means to easily create and collaborate on customer-centric business models and strategies, Enterprise Studio accelerates growth, reinforces customer loyalty, and secures long-term success.