Effective Strategy Execution with Capability-Based Planning, Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management

Combine these to implement your business strategy

Effective_Strategy_Execution_with_Capability-Based_Planning_Enterprise_Architecture_and_Portfolio_Management_webinar_LP_photo.pngDuring this webinar hosted with The Open Group, Marc Lankhorst showed how the validation and implementation of your business strategy can be supported by a combination of strategy modeling, capability-based planning, and enterprise architecture and portfolio management. 


Key takeaways

1. Learn how to formalize your business strategy through models, traceable downwards to execution; 
2. Learn how capability-based planning bridges the gap between strategy and execution, by linking strategic goals to capabilities and your EA;
3. Use your enterprise architecture as a foundation for execution, by relating organizational drivers and goals to your asset and project portfolios;
4. See how you can use architectural and operational data to assess your portfolios, with a powerful solution that supports managers in making informed investment decisions. 

Marc Lankhorst showed how this entire trajectory of strategy execution is facilitated by an integrated solution for describing your strategy, capabilities, enterprise architecture, and portfolios.