Technology Architecture with Enterprise Studio & HoriZZon

Model and manage a technology architecture that supports business goals.

Why Technology Architecture?

  • Achieve a clear understanding of your organization’s technology landscape.
  • Create alignment between your business goals and the infrastructure supporting it.
  • Free up budget for innovation and growth by minimizing technology costs.

How Does Enterprise Studio Help?

Enterprise Studio allows stakeholders with different backgrounds to collaborate effectively on building and managing a value-oriented Technology Architecture. The platform’s intuitive modeling environment together . with its useful reuse and diagram generation capabilities expedite work significantly. What’s more, thanks to a powerful analysis engine, architects can identify key insights about their infrastructure. This ensures alignment between business goals, capabilities, and the technology components that support their realization, and also powers all-important risk analysis for business continuity purposes. Discovering dependency relationships, for instance, is especially important during cloud lift-and-shift initiatives. To ensure the involvement of business-side stakeholders, users can use HoriZZon, our cutting-edge collaboration and publication portal. With its targeted reports and dashboards, HoriZZon gives management access to signature-ready deliverables, which contributes to long-term value creation.