Enterprise Studio empowers Huf Portuguesa to make smart business decisions, saving application costs and speeding up change

How Huf reduced modeling time with 50% and annually saves € 40.000

Huf's IT department has the mission to support coworkers in the continuous improvement of business processes, to develop and promote the integration of Information Systems and to assure the adequacy and availability of ITC resources.

To realize this mission, Huf created a global application architecture to empower the management team to make smarter decisions on the costs of the application landscape. 

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio helped with addressing their business problems, such as the choice of a new ERP system and the refinement of the IT department. This has led to estimated annual savings of € 40.000.

“BiZZdesign allowed us to reduce the time to model a global application landscape with 50%, increasing the knowledge within the company and supporting fast decision-making.”