South State Bank and BiZZdesign ensuring enterprise coherence across the entire portfolio of initiatives

With Enterprise Studio, South State Bank enabled a 25% reduction of the enterprise portfolio within 6 months

South State Bank’s EA team needed to ensure not only that individual initiatives succeed, but also that they contribute to increasing the maturity of the enterprise as a whole.

South State Bank uses its own take on Enterprise Architecture – which is inspired by the Japanese concept “Kaizen” – i.e. constantly improve all enterprise functions as opposed to being fixed on a utopian future state. Kaizen, in combination with John Boyd’s OODA loop is South State Bank's version of TOGAF’s ADM. Enterprise Studio has become an enabler of this non-traditional, more agile, ADM.

We saw results very quickly, as the team focused on modeling our key services and linking them to business processes and functions, a picture began to emerge of our enterprise, revealing multitudes of opportunities to improve, consolidate or retire.”

Kunal Das, Chief Technology Architect.