Process Modeling Webinar

What, why and how?


Bizzdesign-ea-free-download-ebook-thumbProcess models are an important tool for process management. Process models give you insights in your organization. They show you how things work and where opportunities and enhancements are possible. Process models provide you with a strong communication tool to communicate with different stakeholders and elevate change in your organization.


BiZZdesign provides tools with three different meta models capable of doing process modeling: ArchiMate, Amber and BPMN. In this webinar we offer you an overview and show some examples of how to use these different modeling languages for process modeling. And we discuss the pros and cons of these modeling languages (regarding process modeling). Next to that we show you the different possibilities of the BiZZdesign tools specifically for using these languages for process modeling.

The speaker of this webinar is Joost Niehof Msc, Senior Consultant at BiZZdesign. Joost has a background in business information. As senior consultant and trainer he is working for BiZZdesign on those projects where business and IT meet. In most of his projects he helps organizations implementing the means of modeling languages (like BPMN, ArchiMate, etc.) to accelerate their business analysis practice and to professionalize their way of working.