The Open Group Webinar: Modelling, Analysing and Improving an ERP Architecture with ArchiMate® slide deck

A method for transforming an existing ERP-landscape into ArchiMate models

Bizzdesign-ea-free-download-ebook-thumbERP landscapes are complex. The promise of an ERP system (e.g. SAP) is that it supports the organizational-wide availability of organizational data and exchange of data between all business functions for integral, business-wide advantages. Such promises are also the reason why the implementation and maintenance of such a system is often an expensive and labor-intensive process. Few organizations have insight in the coherence (architecture) of their ERP landscape. ArchiMate® can contribute to uncovering the architecture of an ERP system. In this webinar, BiZZdesign and Transware will present a method for transforming an existing ERP-landscape into ArchiMate® models, creating insight in its coherence and enabling analyses for improved implementation.