Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Support with Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon

How Do Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon Help?

Large-scale, complex change events require transparency to execute properly. Also, they rely on many roles cooperating effectively, some business-oriented, others more IT-focused. HoriZZon is a collaborative business design platform that enables a wide range of stakeholders to work together in a coordinated manner in order to successfully carry out meaningful business change. It provides precise information on the organization’s operations. Using Enterprise Studio, the platform’s modeling environment, users can map out business capabilities, processes, applications and infrastructure assets as dynamic models enriched with real-time information. This makes it possible to accurately analyze relationships and dependencies between products, processes, people, systems etc. The platform powers effective analysis and resolution of overlaps in the application landscape after a merger, as well as the comparison and standardization of business processes across the merged/acquired organizations. What’s more, HoriZZon supports defining clear cutting lines when divesting parts of the business and its underlying IT landscape, and also helps with the integration or separation of different data worlds after an M/A/D event. These capabilities inform strategy development and supports coherent, company-wide change. Communicating key insights or presenting signature-ready deliverables to C-level executives or line of business managers is easily done with the help of superior Business Intelligence dashboarding. HoriZZon’s superb graphics explain complex subjects, making it very adept at operationalizing data.