Integrating models to improve performance, to align strategy with the architecture roadmap and process model

Bizzdesign-ea-free-download-ebook-thumbMany organizations use a model-based approach to get a grip on the challenges posed by ever changing business environments, strategic challenges, the complexities of technology and dynamics in the value chain. For example, the business model canvas not only gives a high-level overview of the business model of an organization, but can also be used for strategic analysis and road-mapping.

Along the same line, capability models and architecture models based on the ArchiMate language are used to answer the question: how should we organize ourselves? And finally, process models in BPMN flesh out processes from the architecture domain in more detail. Although all these models in themselves are already useful, integrating and combining the several modelling domains in one model environment gives the opportunity to really align business and strategy models with architecture, road mapping and process model design.

In this webinar we share experiences on how to effectively use a combination of these modelling techniques to build a strong organization