Enterprise Studio Technopedia Integration

Empower your IT Asset Management team to deliver more value with Enterprise Studio’s Technopedia integration.

Challenges for ITAM teams 

  • Lack of understanding and visibility into the enterprise’s IT asset portfolio 
  • Reactive, wasteful maintenance practices 
  • Poor cyber asset security 

How Does Enterprise Studio Help? 

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio’s Technopedia integration gives ITAM and EA professionals access to the world’s most trusted, comprehensive catalog of hardware and software asset information. Being able to query Technopedia and surface key information about assets supplements users’ knowledge of the organization and enables them to carry out improvements in areas such as security and compliance, Business-IT alignment, business continuity or technology investments. This connectivity expands the capabilities of a market leading Enterprise Architecture management suite, allowing architects to inform architecture roadmaps and other deliverables with insightful IT lifecycle management facts. Presenting the facts behind their recommendations makes audiences more receptive to feedback or observations. Thanks to Enterprise Studio’s Technopedia integration, users can be certain that across all IT processes and projects the work they deliver is consistent, accurate, and business-relevant, which ultimately supports management in coming up with high-quality strategic decisions.