Don't Let the GDPR be a Loose Cannon

Are you ready?

Recorded Webinar

We recently surveyed around 200 people to determine whether organizations are prepared for the GDPR. The results indicated that only half of respondents are aware of the GDPR, and actively planning to work on compliance. This is a very worrying figure. Organizations who fail to comply, or to demonstrate their compliance, may face a hefty fine of 4% of their annual corporate revenue, or 20 million EUR. Not to mention the reputational damage, as well as disruption to business continuity.

May 2018 is looming ahead, and time is running out. If you haven’t started your compliance projects yet, there’s no time like the present.

On Tuesday May 23, 2017 BiZZdesign's Joost Niehof explained the best way how to deal with the GDPR. You can view the recording after filling out the form below. Learn:

  • How to ensure and demonstrate compliance
  • How architects and risk managers can collaborate to mitigate and analyze risks
  • How to invest in security where it counts

Achieving compliance doesn’t happen overnight – view the recording of our webinar to kick start your GDPR compliance project.