Being successful with TOGAF™ and ArchiMate® Whitepaper

How should we organize our organisation in order to be successful?

bizzdesign-free-download-whitepaper-bmm-eamThe discipline of Enterprise Architecture was developed in the 1980s with a strong focus on the information systems landscape of organizations.

Recognizing the need for strategic alignment, the goal for architects in those days was to develop an information systems landscape that successfully and effectively drove or supported the business of the enterprise. Since those days, the scope of the discipline has slowly widened to include more and more aspects of the enterprise.

In present day, architects consider the enterprise from a holistic perspective, recognizing and taking into account the concerns of a wide variety of stakeholders. The architecture discipline no longer takes the information systems landscape as a point of departure, but rather considers the enterprise as a whole. Architects attempt to answer the question “How should we organize ourselves in order to be successful?” Architects must consider many interconnected domains of the enterprise such as process architecture, information architecture, security architecture as well as cultural and social aspects of the enterprise.  

In this whitepaper, we used TOGAF (especially the ADM) and ArchiMate as a starting point.