Business Process Management Pocket Guide

A useful BPM dictionary


bizzdesign-free-download-presentation-dmBusiness Process Management (BPM) concerns the goaldriven design, management and execution of business processes. A better grip on business processes also means better results for clients, decrease in costs and enhancement of the process performance. Nevertheless, only few organisations are outstanding in applying the BPM principles and techniques.

For implementing successfully such a vision in practice it is critical that the process stakeholders share the same understanding of the most important BPMrelated concepts. Therefore we felt compelled to set the records straight and collect and explain in this document the most important concepts about:

  • Business process methods, techniques and tools.
  • Lean management 
  • BPMN
  • Decision Modeling

This booklet is a useful BPM “dictionary” for managers, process owners, process developers, consultants and enterprise architects