Assessing and Improving your Change Capabilities

AEA Webinar with Marc Lankhorst

Change is happening faster than ever, so you better become very good at it. But transforming an organization into an adaptive enterprise is not easy. It requires you to enable, execute and accelerate change on all levels of the organization, and stay in control at the same time. How do you do this? We do not believe in a rigid, step-by-step method for business transformation and change, since ‘one size fits all’ approaches seldom work. Instead, truly adaptive enterprises in our experience focus on developing six key change capabilities that will be explained in this webinar.

 We will show you how to apply best-practice capability-based planning techniques to assess and improve these change capabilities. Our approach is based on a detailed capability maturity model that provides the requisite structure behind the six key capabilities mentioned. This allows business stakeholders to see:

  • How to answer the key business questions required to support enhanced decision-making and change

  • The specific improvements needed to achieve this

  • How the right software support can help you