Application Portfolio Management with ArchiMate

Slide deck presented at The Open Group Webinar

This is the slide deck for the Open Group webinar about Application Portfolio Management, presented May 28, 2015

In many organizations IT still cannot keep up with business demand. The inability of IT to quickly respond to business demands is caused by the magnitude and complexity of the underlying application landscape. Therefore it is not surprising that application rationalization is currently one of the most urgent topics on the CIO’s agenda. In application rationalization the goal is often twofold: reducing costs and reducing complexity. Getting rid of duplicate or unused applications, and replacing bad performing or overly expensive applications, results in a considerate decrease of application maintenance costs. In addition, cleaning up the landscape helps in reducing its overall complexity so that it becomes more agile. 

However, application rationalization is only part of the solution. Yes, rationalization reduces costs and complexity but if it is a onetime event, the result is reverted in no time. After all, new applications are added continuously to the landscape in order to keep up with competition and evolving markets. Application rationalization should be continuous business instead of a quick fix. Application portfolio management (APM) is a method to not only rationalize the application portfolio once but to manage it continuously. 

In this webinar we demonstrate how BiZZdesign’s APM solution provides a structured, architecture-based approach to manage your application landscape. Our method relates portfolios to architectural models expressed in the ArchiMate®, an Open Group Standard, modeling language so that alignment with the application strategy is ensured. The webinar includes a case demonstration with our Enterprise Portfolio Management tool.